Its foldable telephone, or its foldable telephone UX, may make the headlines this week, but this is hardly all that Samsung has intended. It is likely going to take the backseat for some time, but Samsung’s augmented reality ambitions are equally too large. And while a number of them appear to be dedicated to the AR Emojis everyones either likes or loves to hate, Samsung may also have large information planned in the kind of an AR cloud system as well as an AR headphone prototype.

Samsung is no stranger to “artificial” reality technologies such as virtual reality. VR and AR aren’t really mutually exclusive, of course, but that is actually the first time Samsung was discovered working on anything large about the AR front.
One of these is that the Project Whare”AR Cloud”. Apart from the odd name, the notion can also be somewhat strange though likely not surprising. Everything is at the cloud nowadays, anyhow. Why not a social platform for supplying shared AR encounters and worldwide direction of AR assets?

Samsung, however, might have something much larger in its own crosshair. Given just how much Samsung enjoys to do things by itself, it is hardly surprising it might want to create its AR headset. But while it could have the expertise in creating VR headset, creating AR headset mounted displays or HMDs needs a slightly different set of abilities and technologies.

Nevertheless, what Samsung will reveal at SDC will barely be the last version of product. The AR headset, on the other hand, will just be a prototype which may not even be accessible to programmers yet.

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